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Paint Life® is not just a brand, it is a mantra and a way of life personified by professional painting contractor Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter, a man on a mission to Educate, Empower, Equip painters worldwide.I believe painting is for everybody.

My mission is to shatter the barriers of entry into painting and convince people that it can be a lot of fun painting.Paint Life is here to teach you to LOVE painting and expose the painting craft and trade. Painters should be respected. We welcome you to be part of our community and the Paint Life crew!

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Great Things Our Customers Say

  • "Chris is a really important person in the painting industry and an educator who regularly helps people with his knowledge and awesome Youtube videos. Even though I'm not a painter, I have learned a lot from his great wealth of knowledge and am very thankful that he is around. I wish you the best Chris in everything you do!"

    Moe Bedard

  • "I couldn't begin to tell you how many of your videos I've watched just in the last year. Ive learned so much. Tips n tricks like caulk your tape line!! Cut in with a brush and a 4" roller os you don't get a halo. Awesome. You and your wife are absolutely an asset to society. Thank you so much. Love and respect from the great white North!"

    Dean Hazelwood

  • "So if anyone out there is like me you do your research at night by watching Chris talk about innovative tools & tricks to make your company & product the best it possibly can. Iv tried many of his product recommendations but nothing & I mean nothing comes even close to how much of a game changer this freaking scraper is. If there was one item I had to pick to use from Chris’s videos & store it would hands down be this scrapper!!"

    Trenton Clark

  • "Easy to order and received proof of shipment info the next day. Had everything in stock and to my door within a few business days just as I expected. Thanks PaintLife Crew."

    Travis Thornton

  • "I very much appreciate your supplies, experienced advice, recommendations on products you use and find most effective, and reasonable pricing with superb customer service, friendly follow-up, and excellent packaging and shipping. I also love that you provide and support products made by painters. The added touch of creative shirts and related items is really cool. I’m a DIYer, love the challenge of learning and improving an environment, and am so pleased to have recently discovered your store and wonderful products."

    Peter Davidson

  • "I love the Brooke brush."

    David Colon

  • "Fast delivery-nicely packed-great communication! What a wonderful product for cutting into corners. We could never do a professional job painting our homes. Now we can with this great roller👍"

    Cathy Majadin

  • "Chris’s recommendations are always spot on and I appreciate the time and effort in vetting products! Thank You!"

    Chris Muck

  • "People are always happy and very helpful. Love their knowledge and customer service"

    Pam Hochstien

  • "Best whip I’ve used I am replacing all my whips with this one. That’s how good it is highly recommend!!"

    Victor E


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