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The Brooke Brush

A paintbrush is a painter’s most important tool - it is likely the first thing you will pick up as you start your painting journey. So, when I set out to make my own brush, this was something I took incredibly seriously.


It felt like a daunting task to find a company to help me bring this dream to life. What I wanted, was to find a family-owned and operated business. Shared ideals and values was a super important priority, along with someone whose products are made in the USA.


We found the perfect match, Premier Paint Roller. They are one of the largest and oldest family-owned and independent paint applicator manufacturers in the United States. Every one of Premier’s products is made by hand, including their brushes! I was able to see the amount of care that goes into their manufacturing process firsthand when I was given the opportunity to visit the Premier factory in New York.


With Premier, the vision for my first custom made brush came to life. And, of course, the biggest question was - what do we name the brush?


Brooke is my eldest daughter. I have fond memories of the summer we spent painting together and memories of her with a paintbrush in her hand as a little girl. Family is everything to me - starting a painting business and creating content online to help painters - it’s all born out of my love for my family and wanting to provide for them. This is my way to give back to them, and leave a legacy behind for my children and for me.


Brooke is extremely honored to have the brush named after her. She says, “It just reminds me of how far my parents have come. I remember being so excited as a child visiting my dad while he worked in the paint department of Home Depot. He used to show us the paint mixer and we took home a bunch of the color swatches. I thought he had the coolest job back then. Fast forward to more than 15 years later, and my parents have built multiple successful businesses and have a paint brush (named after me!) in Walmart. It just reminds me of how thankful I am to have parents that have taught me the value of hard work, no matter what the job or position. I hope my husband and I can also exemplify this to my son.”


The Brooke Brush is an amazing product, and I can’t thank Premier enough for helping bring my dreams to life. It’s currently available for purchase on and, as Walmart moves towards carrying higher-quality paint supplies, especially in regions with no hardware stores! Hopefully, the success of the brush continues, and everyone adores this brush as much as we do here at Paint Life Supply.

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