Can I Talk To The Idaho Painter?

Chris Berry, founder and teacher on Paint Life TV has created over 1500 educational videos on YouTube that are free to watch.  If after watching any content you need questions answered or advice on your project, you can join Paint Life TV for $49 a month and you will become a member of The Idaho Painters Discord Server where you can ask any question live.  For more information visit the link HERE 


What is the difference between the two hose whips we sell?

We now have two styles of hose whips available in our tool store. The ExitFlex whip and the wireless lime hose whip. Both whip were designed with my specs and made exclusively for our Paint Life Supply store. I am getting a lot of questions about the difference between the two whips so I will answer those questions here.

The ExitFlex whip is a wire braided whip with an inside diameter ID of 32mm and comes in 3' and 5' lengths. The custom lime whip is a wireless hose whip with an inside diameter ID of 3/16". The inside and outside diameter of the ExitFlex whip is smaller making the whip softer and more flexible. The wire also aides in grounding applications.

The drawback to a smaller inside diameter is in theory you will not be able to run thick coatings through it. However, I have had success running all interior and exterior coatings including elastomeric coatings through the ExitFlex whip while doing residential repaints. You will just have to experiment yourself. Both hoses are rated over 5000 PSI.

The lime whip is a soft whip with larger diameters inside and out and is wireless. Because the hose has no wire braiding, it will resist kinking which shortens the life of the hose as kinks create weak points in the hose. The lime whip also comes in 4 sizes: 3', 5', 25', and 50' lengths. These longer whips make is so you can load up a sprayer with less paint.


Do we ship outside the United States?

Our store Paint Life Supply Co ships anywhere in the world.  The only limitation is if your country has restrictions on what you can receive by postal service.  So far there has only be one country that would not allow us to send product and it was Iran.  


How much will it cost to ship product to me?

Put items in your cart and proceed to checkout.  Select the desired shipping method you want to use then proceed in the checkout.  Prior to making the purchase you will get a quote on shipping cost and overall cost including product and shipping.  


When is your next Paint Life Academy?

At this time we are only offering our online courses. These can be purchased under 'Paint Life Academy.'


Does the Titan sprayers come with a hose and gun?

Both the Titan 440 Impact and 410 sprayers come complete with a 50' x 1/4" airless hose, an RX-80 gun, bottle of lubricant, and a TR-1 517 airless tip.  Check out The Idaho Painter starter kit to get all the necessary tools to make airless spraying faster and more efficient. 


Can the hose whip be used with a Titian Control Max 1500 Sprayer?

The Titan Control Max 1500, 1700, 1900, and 1700 Pro all have a proprietary gun and hose fitting that standard airless hoses will not attach to.  We have done some research and now have a 3 fittings combination in the Paint Life Supply Co. store that will make our hose whips work with these three sprayers.  The hose side needs two fittings to make a pipe x female metric fitting connection.  The gun side needs a fitting 1/4 female pipe thread x 12mm metric male to make the connection.


How long is the hose that comes with the Titan sprayer?

Both the Titan 440 Impact and 410 sprayers come complete with a 50' x 1/4" airless hose, an RX-80 gun, bottle of lubricant, and a TR-1 517 airless tip.  Check out The Idaho Painter starter kit to get all the necessary tools to make airless spraying faster and more efficient. 


My spray gun spits when I use an extension with it, why?

Airless spray guns will not spit until you add an extension to it.  The longer the extension the larger the spits.  This is created by the lag time from trigger release at the gun to the end of the extension and the slow drop in pressure.  We learn to spray with extensions by never starting and stopping on our surface to be painted.  I have a video, on Paint Life TV, on controlling spits when using an extension.  You can also use a Clean Shot valve at the end of the gun which will eliminate spits altogether.  However the Clean Shot is heavy and causes fatigue and wrist pain when spraying continuously.  


My hose whip is clogged.  Is it under warranty?

If a hose gets clogged it is not a hose failure.  It is do to an obstruction being allowed to pass from the larger hose to the whip.  It could be paint breaking from the sprayer hose, a rock by-passing the filter, coagulated paint, or one of many other reasons.  

It is not a hose failure just because it is clogged.  It may not be usable anymore but again it is not failure of the product.  It is from allowing, be it an uncontrollable or non control act, an obstruction to enter the whip.  The ExitFlex whip is a very small diameter whip designed for thin products.

We do not warranty hoses that are clogged as it is always related to improper use, controllable or uncontrollable.  You need to clean your pumps daily.  Do not let set overnight.  Always strain your paints. In winter a hose that freezes will be clogged forever. Not understanding what materials can flow through a small ID of a whip will end in clogs.  

What is the difference between an Ekasand and Surfprep sander? 

I have used both sanders for extended periods of time.  Both sanders are similar. Surfprep is a newer company and Uneeda, who makes the Ekasand, has been a family owned business in the United States for over 56 years. 

I have personally been to Uneeda's facility in New York and met the family and staff who run the company and they are amazing people who have a passion for building and selling only the best products. 

"Uneeda makes the best abrasives I have used and I highly recommend you purchase the Ekasand."  - The Idaho Painter.


Cleaning Sprayers with Flammable Cleaners?

Follow these steps whenever cleaning with mineral spirits: 

If spraying or cleaning with oil-based or lacquer materials, the spray gun must be grounded while preparing the spray hose or cleaning. 

Ground the gun by holding it against the edge of a metal container while purging or loading. Failure to do so may lead to a static electric discharge which may cause a fire. 

Always flush spray gun at least one hose length from spray pump.

If collecting flushed solvent in one gallon metal container, place it into an empty five gallon container, then flush. 

Area must be free from vapors. 


What size adapter do I need for my vacuum? 

To get the proper adapter you need to measure the inside diameter ID of the vacuum hole your hose slips into.  You will need to get an adapter with an outside diameter OD that is the same as the inside diameter ID.  So, if your vacuum ID measures 1 7/8" then you need an adapter that is 1 7/8" OD that also has 1" thread on the other end so you can attach the Paint Life threaded hose from adapter to sander.  Watch our video showing this in detail HERE.


How To Remove Titan Inner Feed Roller Cover?

You simply remove the roller from your inner feed roller with the black thumb release.  Then use two thumbs to snap off the plastic core retainer by putting pressure to the side.  You will not break it.  Once it snaps off the core will remove from the opposite side.  This retaining clip and core belong with the inner feed roller.  

You now put the core in your new roller cover and snap the retainer in on the other end of the roller cover.  Reattached your roller cover to the inner feed roller and you are set to go.  You can watch this on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNm5pSYnmxU/


Ekasand Sandpaper Grit Equivalents:

  • Course 60 Grit
  • Medium 120-150 Grit
  • Medium Fine 150-180 Grit
  • Fine 220-240 Grit
  • Very Fine 320-380 Grit
  • Superfine 450-500 Grit
  • Ultra-Fine 600-700 Grit


Shirt Sizing Guide

If you have questions about how our shirts fits, most of our shirts are made by NextLevel shirts and here is a link to the sizing guide.  Most shirts are 6210 CVC Crew unisex shirts. SPEC SHEET