Building A Spray Booth For Cabinet Painting

Building A Booth

Using multiple rows of tape to hold up poly sheeting or plastic is a way of the past when sealing windows, doors, or even creating booths within kitchens or other areas of a jobsite. Double-sided tape is the way of the future - FrogTape®’s newly rebranded Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Containment Tape is a one-step solution that will save you half the time compared to other methods! This product has been around for years - I’ve been using it for probably 15 years, but with this new relaunch, I can say it’s better than ever. 

Any areas that you need to contain - this tape can do it. One side features a normal painter’s tape to attach to a variety of surfaces, and will clean release within 21 days. The other features an aggressive high-adhesion tape that will allow anything from masking film, poly sheeting, 9x400 plastic and more to tack to it to ensure protection. Use this in a variety of scenarios like painting, cleaning, sanding, and more! Plus, it can be used on a ton of surfaces, like doors, glass, window trim, vinyl, metal, countertops, and so much more. 

If your plastic is thick enough, you can remove it and reuse it for next time. With this method you can save tape, and perhaps even plastic. Tackle your jobs quickly and efficiently - this tape can even conform to uneven surfaces and is moveable if not placed correctly the first time. Everyone knows that I’m a fan of FrogTape’s orange, green, blue, and yellow tapes - but this one has also had my stamp of approval for a while. Why struggle with creating a containment zone or booth with single-sided tape, just to waste tape, plastic, time, and money? Try out FrogTape®’s Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Containment Tape and see how much this will change your process. 

Check out this video to see the tape in use! 

Now available anywhere you can find FrogTape®! 

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