PaintLine PSDRID, how to paint interior doors standing?

PaintLine Jobsite Spray Booth & PSDRID

Now that it's winter, us professional painters are transitioning into doing a lot of interior work. Whether that’s interior repaints, cabinet work, or furniture repair and flipping, you’re going to need some tools to help you get the work done faster and more efficiently. Here at Paint Life Supply Co, there’s one company that’s helped us like no other - The PaintLine. They’ve got the perfect tools for painting cabinets and doors to save you time and money! 

Today we’re focus on their Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB) and Interior Door Spray & Dry Series (PSDRID) - both of which are investments that will make your life so much easier as a professional painter. 

Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB) 

This is a mobile, portable, professional paint spray booth that you can set up anywhere and have the perfect place to spray/apply finishes, sand, or any other work you want/need to keep contained. There is an available ventilation attachment that accommodates air filters, ducting, and blower system to keep your workspace clean of particulates. With disposable liners, you’re able to reuse the PJSB over and over again, which will give you years of use! Stop building your own mock spray booths and invest in one that will last you a lifetime! 

This mobile spray booth has a precision-manufactured, fully collapsible, aluminum frame and uses disposable plastic liners to protect your jobsite while spraying. This product is designed to be used with only non-flammable and non-combustible paints and solvents, and with the proper respirator to protect yourself or whoever is spraying inside the booth. 

From my experience, this will take about 15-20 minutes to set up if you are also adding on the new height extenders, plus setting up the filtration system. The set-up process is extremely easy once you understand what all the pieces are. Watch this video for a detailed walkthrough of how to assemble it, plus I’ll lay out all the steps below. 

The PJSB comes in an orange canvas bag for a professional look. 

How To Set-Up:

  1. Lay out the four large base pieces in your space. 
  2. Install the side pole mounts and optional vent along the base. 
  3. Attach the corner pieces and tighten. 
  4. Set up the white side poles for the booth - they are similar to tent poles. 
    1. The poles have a magnet at the top of the pole. If attaching the height extender poles, reattach the magnet on the top of them before installation. 
  5. Attach the side poles to the booth - there will be a total of six of them. 
  6. The PSJB comes with small orange clips - attach those half-way down each side pole. 
  7. Next is attaching the liner. There is a clearly labeled start point, which will be the bottom right pole. Slide the liner down to the clips on each side pole. 
    1. If you started by sliding the liner down to the bottom, it would be much harder to attach the liner on the other poles. 
  8. Once they are all on halfway, continue sliding the liner onto the poles. 
    1. Be super careful with the liner - take your time. If the liner rips, the integrity of the spray booth will be compromised. 
  9. If you’re adding the ventilation system, place it in the back of the booth - that will be where it operates best. 
    1. Slide the back side of the vent onto the base piece - the front piece will attach magnetically. Then cut the plastic off and attach the filter. 
      1. I like to add an additional furnace filter to ensure proper filtration. 
    2. You can also attach ducting and a blower to get rid of particulates - I usually put the end out an open window when using the booth inside my garage. 
  10. I prefer to add XBoard to the floor - 2 pieces - to ensure that I have a thick cardboard surface to protect from overspray and spills. 
    1. Tape it in place for added stability. 
  11. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a dropcloth down in front of the booth for some extra protection!  

Features of the PJSB: 

  • Disposable 5-sided clear plastic liner provides overspray protection to the ceiling, floor and three sides. 
  • Clear plastic liners let in ambient or supplemental light. 
  • High quality, durable aluminum extrusion frame and support poles. 
  • Available ventilation attachment accommodates air filter, ducting and blower system. Filtered exhaust can be routed as required. 
  • Designed for indoor use on job sites or in workshops. 
  • No-tools, one-person assembly in about 15 minutes. 
  • Frame quickly packs into one canvas carry bag (45 lbs) - not including accessories.
  • Dimensions Standard: 2m (80”) x 2m (80”) x 2m (80”)
  • Dimensions XL: 2.4m (94.5") x 2m (80") x 2m (80")

Interior Door Spray & Dry Series (PSDRID)

With the height extenders for the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth, you can now spray multiple full-size interior doors in a confined space. When combined with the Interior Door Spray & Dry Series (PSDRID) from The Paintline, it’ll be even easier! The doors rotate on a foot-operated turntable while resting on spikes to expose the bottom edge. Spray all sides of the door from a stationary position! Small enough to fit inside the spray booth easily, and the height extenders give you more than enough room to fit full-size doors inside and on the system. The PSDRID is designed to work with most interior doors, both hollow core and solid, that are 28-34” wide and 80” maximum in height. This is not a hard limit, but exceeding could result in less than optimal performance. 

Custom VClips that attach at the hinge pocket work to connect to the PSDRID to stabilize during the spraying process, but also work with the attached handles so that you are able to lift wet doors and move them to a drying area. The system includes components for 20 interior doors, and the materials are reusable! (Additional components are available to expand the number of doors to suit your project.) 

Heavy duty plastic bases attach to the bottom of the door with wood screws to enable the door to stand on its own and to nest closely with other doors of various widths and heights minimizing drying space. Add 2-3 door base supports depending on the size and weight of the door. 

This system can be used with a single operator. Spray from a single position and rotate the door with your foot, leaving your hands free to manage the spray gun and hose. It even comes with overspray guards - plastic and cardboard to protect various parts of the mechanism. For the outer base, The Paintline recommends using Jasco Liquid Masking and removing at the end of the job. Crocodile Cloths also work wonders!

The PSDRID system comes in two canvas bags.

How To Set-Up: 

  1. From the larger canvas bag, pull out the white and orange base unit pieces. 
  2. Place the orange base unit piece underneath the white base unit. The white base unit should be able to spin freely once attached correctly. 
  3. Slide the door standing attachment, with spikes, through the middle of the turntable base unit. 
  4. Attach the side support arm and tighten at the base with an allen wrench. 
    1. Proceed to attach the extender to the top. 
  5. Attach the overspray guards provided to the middle of the base and the side support arm as needed. 
  6. In the second canvas bag, you’ll find the additional pieces. Attach the orange bases/feet to the bottom of your doors, plus a VClip at the hinge pocket. There are bags of screws provided. 
    1. Using the included VClip handle and latch bolt handle, you’ll be able to lift the door freely - wet or dry. 
  7. Place the door onto the spikes on the turntable. 
  8. There is a white clip that attaches onto the side support arm that will connect to the VClip for added stability of the door on the system. 
  9. You’re all ready to spray!

Benefits of the PSDRID: 

  • Single operator
  • Minimizes space required for spraying and drying
  • Spray entire door from a stationary position
  • Works with various widths and heights of doors
  • Works with solid core or hollow doors
  • Door contact point is only ½” by 1 ½” at the hinge pocket
  • Portable for easy transport & storage with the included carry bag
  • Eliminate the need to seal the entire room when spraying
  • Minimal assembly required

Included with the system: 

  • 1 Industrial grade aluminum turntable w/ support arm
  • 40 Heavy grade injected molded door stand bases
  • 20 Industrial grade aluminum hinge pocket V-clips
  • 1 Set of hand grips for lifting wet doors
  • 2 Overspray Guards
  • 1 Turntable carrying/storage bag
  • 1 Bases, VClips & accessories carrying/storage Bag
  • 40 Wood screws to attach door stand bases
  • 40 Wood screws to attach VClips to hinge pocket
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