Mr. Speeds Door Deckers

Mr. Speeds Door Deckers

Mr. Speed’s Door Deckers are a steel-constructed door spraying system that allows you to stack doors horizontally to dry. The system has many advantages including the ability to put a heavier coat of paint on, paint in one coat, paint with confidence, and spray without runs or sage.  Mr. Speeds 12 steel stackers, hardware and the package also comes with rubber bumpers that will allow you to stack doors vertically as well, to avoid warping. 


Using two sets of saw horses when spraying, you’ll be able to spray the doors on one set of saw horses, and stack them on the other set of saw horses. While Door Deckers take only one person to install, you will need a second person to help you flip the door.

Screw them on tight and you’ll be off to the races spraying with confidence fast and efficiently! Check out this product made by painters for painters and invest in a door spraying system that will last you a lifetime.


  • Door Deckers are proudly made in the U.S.A. and assembled in Amarillo, Texas. 
  • The Door Deckers save space by stacking up and away for drying instead of against the wall and taking up valuable space.
  • Mr. Speeds Door Deckers can be used with solid, metal, or hollow doors as well as shelves, and shutters.

Important Contractor Tips

1.) When stacking, hollow-core doors can be stacked up to eight to ten doors high.  However we recommend solid-core doors only be stacked no more than three to four doors high.


2.) For long or heavy doors, three door decker brackets  can be used in a tripod arrangement. Four door decker brackets can also be used in this situation (one on each corner) to facilitate easier handling.


3.) To help prevent bridging when using latex paint, a washer can be used  as a spacer between the door end and the Door Decker bracket.  

If a bridge forms it may be necessary to score along the Door Decker to prevent tearing upon the removal.


More Tips & Tricks  

1.) Install plates in the same direction. Flange side down works for me
2.) Place hinge side OUT on each door.  All hinges facing same direction
3.) Spray from one side.  Create a system and pattern you can replicate
4.) Finishing doors flat - NO RUNS and NO SAGS  in the paint.  Allows for a heavier mil thickness, a professional finish and both sides and edges get painted at once
5.) The space between the doors is large enough to let the door paint gas off quickly - can use a fan to speed this process but beware of dust the fan can create
6.) Use saw horses for a comfortable working level with no stooping or bending
8.) Doors stack up and out of the way on the job site for drying and curing
9.) Cleaning your Door Deckers can easily be done by throwing them in a bucket of lacquer thinner to soak.  Use solvent glove and a wire brush to clean.  Spraying door deckers with WD-40 will keep paint from sticking


Product Safety Tips:

We recommend wearing eye protection and handling with care.  Tools may have sharp edges. Use discretion when stacking doors to avoid collapse or back injury.  Improper use of this product can result in damage or injury.


Who Is Mr. Speed?

Richard Speed, founder of Speed Painting Tools Inc., established a paint contracting company based in Amarillo, Texas in 1979. During the course of growing his painting business he discovered a need for specific equipment that was not commercially available for painting doors. So he began to work on a design of a product to assist him in his own painting business. This was the birth of the Door Decker finishing system.

Out of this creation, a new avenue for our company was conceived and in 1997, Richard developed what he hoped would be a marketable product in the paint sundries industry that would assist other professional painters in saving time and creating high quality finishes. In 1998, "Speed Painting, Inc." was officially founded by three of the Speed family members - husband and wife Richard and Mary, and their son Dustin. It was their collective hope to offer professional equipment that was new and innovative, affordable, and of quality and durable construction.

The first product was sold in 2002 – a door finishing system called the Door Decker. Since that creation, several additional products have been added to our line that assist in cabinet door painting and staining as well as drying options to the Door Decker finishing system. 

Speed Painting, Inc. ( or Mr. Speed’s Painting Tools) has been selling  products throughout the United States for over 25 years and has expanded into other sales locations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

These days, Dustin has assumed the role as the company CEO and his wife, Chrystene has also joined the team as our customer service specialist. Together, the entire family strives to fulfill the mission of our company.

Painters Helping Painters

Painters helping Painters is Paint Life and we are glad to say Richard Speed has created a product that is helping painters worldwide!  I love to see painters solving problems and creating better tools to help us all. Richard Speed has created a  tools that I have used as a painter, and Richard is a  fellow painters and tradesmen. 


I believe it is important to support one another in the trades and by purchasing tools that other painters invented is one small way to accomplish this.  Some of these tools are still made in their garages and some have turned into a whole other business for them.  If you spray doors down you can support Richard Speed and purchase a set of Mr. Speeds Door Deckers.


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