Behr Dynasty review by The Idaho Painter

Behr Dynasty Review

On the  last exterior paint project for the 2023 season, I had the opportunity to test out BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Exterior Paint. Earlier this year, I used BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Interior Paint on a bedroom and was absolutely amazed at the one-coat coverage and the matte finish. With that experience, I had high hopes for the exterior paint as well!


BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Exterior Paint has key features like 10-year color fade protection* , early rain resistance in 60 minutes, and the ability to apply in temperatures as low as 35°F. This paint is available in a variety of sheens - Flat/Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss Enamel. On this exterior, I used flat/matte on the stucco and satin on the body, trim, front door, and fascia.



BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint has a range of colors to choose from on their One-Coat Hide Color Collection. I was surprised to find out just how well these paints do cover in one coat when working with the interior paint, so it was time to see how well this would work on an exterior repaint. The customer chose a color off of Behr’s One-Coat Hide Color Collection, which ended up being the body color. With a spray application, it definitely covered in one coat all around the house. No question!


The other colors we used on this house had excellent coverage. The most notable example of this was the front door - which the customer wanted painted a vibrant blue. Typically, when using a color like this, you would want to undercoat the substrate with a gray because the likelihood of it not covering is high. But I went straight in with an airless sprayer and shot it with one coat, which was pretty heavy. I was absolutely amazed - it was covered in one coat! There was no need to reshoot the door or do a second coat.


White paints are usually the tricky ones - and we were using almost a pure white on the trim. With all the major paint manufacturers I’ve encountered, pure whites don’t cover very adequately. But this covered extremely thoroughly. I usually two-coat all the trim, but it almost completely covered on the first coat. White paints are also typically notorious for splattering and dripping off your brush or roller. I noticed with BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint that it hung on our brushes and rollers very well - no drips or splatters! It also did very well being brushed onto door jambs.


BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint covered so expertly  that I ended up using less paint than usual on the entirety of this exterior repaint!


10-Year Color Fade Protection

When it comes to exterior paints, I only use lifetime warranty products for the sake of my customers and clients. BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint has a lifetime limited warranty on this product, but another part of the warranty is the 10-year color fade protection *. This is the only paint I’ve ever seen that has a color fade protection warranty on it or has even addressed color fade. In the past, I have even used certain lifetime warranty paints where the paint color has faded within five years. Now, you have this protection by Behr to have color fade protection on the paint.

Once again, there is only a certain selection of colors that have this protection on them, but I think it’s absolutely incredible. Please view the disclaimer below to ensure your warranty eligibility.


Early Rain Resistance

Another cool feature about BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Exterior Paint is that it has the ability to resist rain within 60 minutes. On this job site, we did have the opportunity to see this put to the test. One of the days that we applied it, I sprayed the body of the house, and it rained pretty hard that same evening. But, the downspouts had not been put back up yet. When we came back the next day, I looked over the areas where water had splashed back onto the body. There were no issues at all.


If you look at the weather forecast and see possible rain in the afternoon, you can start your day by spraying and giving the house at least 60 minutes to dry. By then, it will be resistant against the rain. Another cool feature on a cool product!



One quality I like to put to the test on the job site is how well a paint hangs. What I mean by this is - does the paint run, drip, or sag when it is applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer? On this exterior, we sprayed the paint on the body, multiple garage doors, and the front door. We were well within the range of temperatures that BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Exterior Paint can be applied in - as low as 35°F and up to 90°F, which is a wide range for this paint’s ideal application temperature! Even though we applied the paint in cooler temperatures, which typically lends the paint the opportunity to run, drip, or sag, I don’t think we saw anywhere on the entire house where we had a run, drip, or sag.


Typically, when I’m applying paint, I apply it super thick because I want it to be above and beyond the mil thickness, just to make sure the customer/client does get their warranty and there are no issues with that. We also want the paint to cover well, so we’re applying it pretty thick for that reason as well. A thick application does tend to lead to paint running, but once again, nowhere on this house, through our entire application process, did we see a run, drip, or sag. I think it performed exceptionally well when it came to the product's hangability.


Dry Times

Dry time is an extremely important factor to consider when picking a paint. On this exterior, we were using a total of 5 colors, and on most exteriors, you will be using anywhere between 3-5 colors. When you have multiple colors like that, you will likely have overlapping colors. You need a paint that will dry quickly so that you can mask off the color that you just applied and then apply the overlapping/nearby color. The faster a paint dries, the quicker your team can move around the house and continue painting. BEHR DYNASTYⓇ  Exterior Paint has a 1-hour dry time and a 2-hour recoat time. It definitely dries extremely fast. I was able to spray the stucco, mask it off, and spray the soffits the same day.


Wet Overspray Control

With an airless sprayer, there is atomization of the paint. Water vapors and chemicals in the paint will flash off in the air. But, with some paints, you’ll get wet paint droplets flying around - landing on the roof, concrete, plants, etc. I’ve had the experience of using paints in the past, and when I was spraying overhead, I felt paint raining down on me. A paint’s ability to have wet overspray control is key to avoiding issues that you could be liable for on the jobsite.


While we were using BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint, you could definitely see some chemicals flashing off in the air, but there was no wet overspray on any surfaces nearby. No wet paint hit my face as I sprayed the soffits, and I left the jobsite each day with no paint on my clothes. The plants, the concrete, the roof - no wet overspray. This product has exceptional wet overspray control.


As I began to apply the paint via airless sprayer, I did notice that BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint has a high-solid and high-resin content. Typically, I would be spraying at around 2200 PSI, but with BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint I turned it down to 1600 PSI to further limit dust and overspray. Turning the pressure down helped control the overspray even more and helped the application process. This proves that overspray is due to more than just the chemical makeup of the paint - a variety of factors can affect overspray as well.



By the time we finished up this exterior repaint, the house looked absolutely amazing. On the stucco, we used a flat/matte finish to make the stucco look more natural. It ended up not being too shiny or flat, and turning out well. On the body, trim, fascia, and front door, we used a satin finish. Some satin finishes have too much of a sheen and look like plastic, but I have to say that this satin finish looked absolutely amazing.


So, is BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint a paint that I would use again and recommend to others? It absolutely is! This is a paint I would put on my own house. When the weather warms up again, and we get back into exterior season, check out BEHR DYNASTYⓇ Exterior Paint, sold exclusively at The Home Depot.


This is a paid partnership with Behr Paint Company. Read below for warranty information and eligibility.


* Valid only when tinted to colors from the BEHR DYNASTY® specially curated Exterior Color Fade Protection Palette. Based on predictive lab testing with a color shift less than Delta E of 5 as measured by CieLAB. A primer coat may be needed. Two coats of BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint are recommended for optimal durability. Individual results may vary. See back label instructions for details. Behr Paint Company can provide project-specific warranties. Ask your BEHR PRO Rep for details. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover BEHR DYNASTY 10-Year Color Fade Protection or professional projects.


To learn more about BEHR Dynasty exterior paints: Click HERE

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