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My Go To HVLP Sprayer

Apollo Sprayers International Inc. was founded in 1966 with one mission - to provide the perfect finish. A family-owned and operated company through three generations, Apollo focuses all of its efforts on the manufacturing of High Volume/Low Pressure (HVLP) industrial spray equipment and systems to make them the most advanced and high-performance systems on the market. Many of their team members have been with Apollo for 20+ years which leads to exceptional customer relationships and in-depth product knowledge!

Apollo Precision 5 Pro LE

The Apollo Precision 5 PRO LE HVLP Sprayer is my go-to for cabinet and furniture painting, as well as for wrought-iron fences. It’s a sleek and polished work of art - and it comes with the award-winning 7700 Atomizer HVLP spray gun. With features like the ability to control the pressure at the gun and a remote pot, the Apollo Precision 5 is a true game changer, and easily the best HVLP paint sprayer I’ve ever used.

Right now, Apollo is having a closeout sale on the Precision 5 - it’s available at a fraction of the price! Check out this amazing deal and level up your spraying skills. 

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