Why use a hose whip with an airless paint sprayer?

Hose Whips 101

There’s a million options out there for hose whips to use with airless sprayers - it can be hard to know which one is right for your sprayer and job. Here at Paint Life Supply Co, we have several custom hose whips made just for us and you too!  
The Swiss ExitFlex has a diameter of 3.2mm, and is a wire-braided hose. The small diameter means that it takes less paint to fill the system, and you’re going to end up using less paint on your job. I use this hose whip when spraying doors, but it’s perfect for tight areas, furniture and interior work. The flexibility is a game changer, you’ll be able to have complete control of the airless sprayer and all the angles you need. 
Another custom hose whip that we sell is the green hose whip, a cloth-braided hose with a diameter of 4.8mm. This type of whip is similar to the style that you receive when you purchase an airless sprayer, but it is more flexible - just not as flexible as the ExitFlex! This hose whip is also great for tight areas and finish work, but is rated for a lower PSI - 3500 vs. 5000, comparably. 
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