Who is behind the making of FrogTape?

Who Is ShurTape?

In 1955, Shuford Mills created a tape division, started a chain of events that lead to the present day, where ShurTape is now a global industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance speciality adhesive films, laminates, and tapes. With brands under their wing like Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate®, ShurTape®, T-Rex®, Kip®, and Pro Tapes®, ShurTape makes it their business to know what contractors and industry professionals need. Together, their subsidiaries serve numerous markets, including DIY, home products, industrial/MRO, building and construction, packaging, HVAC, professional paint, automotive, marine, aerospace, arts and entertainment, graphic arts, sound control, medical and retail. 

As a painter, FrogTape is a must-have masking tape. With a variety in products with different purposes and release times, the right tape for you and your painting needs is out there! Look no further than FrogTape - the paint-block technology on most of their masking tapes will leave you with crisp clean lines with no bleed-through. There’s truly nothing else like it. 


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