Tower Sealants, maker of quality caulking and sealers.

Who Is Tower Sealants?

Tower Sealants is a manufacturer of quality caulking and sealants. This company develops high-end formulas that will increase efficiency and productivity for professional painters, installers, architects, and many more professions in need of sealants! Tower Sealants was founded to fill the need for high-quality caulking and to innovate new sealants so that their customers can both save money and be more productive.

Here at Paint Life Supply Co, we love Tower Sealants as their products feature no air bubbles or pops - a problem with most sealants on the market. Take pride in knowing these tubes are 100% filled! Tower Sealants is customer-motivated to make you happy and satisfied with the sealants you select.

One of my favorite products from Tower Sealants is Tower Tech 2.  This is the perfect sealant for caulking and sealing exterior repaints.  An acrylic urethane elastomeric sealant, the product tools like not other.  Smooth like butter, exceptional adhesion, a lifetime warranty, I simply love this product.

Another product from Tower Sealants that should be on your radar is Accelerator.  Designed so you can paint over it immediately but what I really like is that flat paints will not crack when painted over Tower Accelerator. If you have not tried Tower products I would highly suggest you do.


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