Tips painting perfect lines with FrogTape.  By The Idaho Painter

FrogTape Tips!

The company ShurTape is a global industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance adhesive films, laminates, and tapes. Under their wing are brands like Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate®, ShurTape®, T-Rex®, Kip®, and Pro Tapes® - so they know a thing or too about making tapes for industry professionals - no matter what industry you’re in! As a painter, FrogTape is my go-to masking tape - in special circumstances I might reach for some T-Rex or Painter’s Mate tape, but on a day-to-day basis, FrogTape is what you’ve got to be using to get crisp lines with your masking. 

There’s a few different options in products with different applications and release times, but no matter what you’re looking for - the right tape for you and your job is within reach. Most of FrogTape’s products contain Paint Block technology; the tapes have a polymer on the outside edge of the tape that will swell when it comes into contact with liquid, sealing the edges and guaranteeing you straight lines, a paint-free surface, and no bleeds! If there are any gaps between your tape and the surface it has been applied onto, they will get filled when the tape swells. This technology being liquid-activated also means that you shouldn’t go around carrying these tapes in your mouth, as your saliva will activate the polymer! Some individuals do prefer to take a wet rag and pre-wet the tape - it will work the same either way. 

FrogTape® Pro Grade Orange Painter’s Tape®

This is a high-tack production tape - quick stick and high-adhesion on a variety of surfaces! This is a low cost tape that you can purchase in multi-packs for the jobsite. The safe release time - the amount of time that is guaranteed for a clean removal with no left behind adhesive, is 3 days. This tape does not contain the Paint Block technology, but it is still an amazing tape - it’s my go-to for a lot of situations on exteriors and even occasionally indoors! In the past you might have seen me use this to mask off garage doors, fences, roofs, and stucco. 

The ideal surfaces on interior homes are: carpet & fabric, glass, plastic, sealed countertops, vinyl, metal, tile, caulk (cured until firm), drywall/plaster walls, doors, baseboards & molding, window trim, brick, concrete, grout, stucco, and heavy texture (orange peel/knockdown). 

The ideal surfaces for exteriors are: glass, fixtures & hardware, vinyl molding, window & door trim, aluminum & vinyl siding, metal, painted wood trim, brick, concrete, grout, and stucco. 

FrogTape® Pro Grade Painter’s Tape®

This is a medium-adhesion blue painter’s tape with a 14-day release time. I’m going to be grabbing this when masking off interior windows and outlets/sockets. FrogTape Blue also comes in multi-packs! This tape does contain the Paint Block technology engineered to get straight lines - this combination will take your traditional blue painter’s tape and revolutionize how you mask! The recommended surfaces to use this tape are similar to orange - but it is not recommended to use FrogTape Blue to mask on brick, concrete, grout, stucco, and heavy texture - interior or exterior. 

FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape®

Another medium-adhesion tape, this is a green painter’s tape with a 21 day release time - plus it contains the Paint Block technology! I use this tape almost as much as the orange - I’ll be using it on exterior windows, interior baseboards, and all around as necessary on the jobsite. I’m a huge fan of the adhesive/tack of FrogTape Green - I’ve tried it out in most scenarios and it works perfectly! The recommended surfaces to mask on are the same as FrogTape Blue. 

FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape®

This yellow painter’s tape is low-adhesion and made with a thinner paper - it’s designed to protect delicate surfaces and keep the surface it’s attached to from ripping/peeling upon removal. This tape is made with a crepe-type paper that is super thin and almost see-through; this tape will create the smallest build-up/dam between the tape and the substrate, making it the best for delicate surfaces. FrogTape Yellow has a 60 day release time and contains the paint block technology. I’m always using this when it comes to masking on hardwood floors and ceiling fans, plus other delicate surfaces! 

The ideal surfaces are similar to Blue and Green, but also include fresh paint (minimum 24 hours old), wallpaper (coated), laminate, veneer, and cabinets - for interior uses. It is not recommended for exterior use due to the low adhesion. 

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I have to paint a whole house on the interior and all of the woodwork is stained. What is the best way to keep my paint off the stained woodwork? Any secrets besides just taping with frog tape?

Robert Sajtos

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