Socket Blockers, tools for masking and prepping an interior to paint.

Socket Blockers

This simple tool for masking off light switches and sockets will have you looking professional and being efficient at the same time! Peel, stick, and paint! It’s that easy. Socket Blockers keeps your outlets, lights switches, data ports, and more clear of paint or drywall texture. 

Many painters state that the biggest frustration and time-consuming parts of painting is prep and cleanup - Socket Blockers can help with this, saving you time and money in the long run! As a reusable product, you can use these 3-4 times, from my testing, before they lose their stickiness. Plus, this product makes you look more professional as a painter. Homeowners are easily able to see the protection that you are providing their home. You should always be doing everything you can to increase customer confidence in you, your work, and your business. 

In comparison, masking tape is not reusable, and is often difficult to remove from the socket after paint has gotten on it. Tape can also be unreliable and have bleeds underneath. Then cleaning the outlet is another worry and frustration. Compared to socket blockers, the environmental footprint of masking tape is through the roof due to the materials used to create it and the amount used. 

Socket Blockers are made from recycled bottles right here in the USA, from a PET material, a lightweight polyester material that is the most recyclable plastic in the world, including the least amount of heat and carbon to create and recreate. 

Brush, roll, and spray around Socket Blockers and trust that the outlets will be fully protected! The Socket Blocker will stay in place, with the universal tough design, the sockets and switches will be safe from paint or drywall texture. Socket Blockers will protect toggle and paddle switches, outlets round or square, dimmers both dial or slide, smart home outlets and switches, and more! 

When you’re done, simply remove the Socket Blockers and place them back in the box to use for another job. Sold in a 6-pack for $5.79 and a box of 30 for $19.99. 

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Would love to test some out John.

Chris Berry

Chris..I like! Totally agree with the reusable aspects. Carbon footprint us painters use is impressive. Especially all the tape, plastic and paper we all use on every job. All goes to the trash bin. For that reason..I invented the banister drop cloth sold online with Home Depot. Covers and protects railings from paint splatter etc. Comes in assortment pack of three sizes and color coded stitching for easy identification;) takes the place of all that tape, plastic and paper we throw away. Attaches with hook and loop fasteners. I’ll send you a bunch! This guy was on the same path with taping outlets. Smart guy!!


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