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    Tips From The Idaho Painter

    Writing paperless estimates with The Idaho Painter

    Writing Paperless Bids & Estimates

    Even if you think it is unnecessary or you already have enough work, creating and having a webpage and a quality bid package is part of an overall branding package that portions yourself as a legitimate business. For the majority of my business career, my webpage was the leader in prospective leads. Times have changed and other methods took the webs top spot but it still ranks in the tops three.

    There are some basic things you need to do like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get a webpage to generate leads and this is something you can do or hire someone to do for you at a reasonable cost. If you are not familiar with SEO, this is what gets your webpage placed on the front page of Google when someone does a search for painters in your area. Now a days you do not need to have web development skills or pay $10,000 to have a web-page built. Fiverr offers webpages at less then $200 to start.

    Having a webpage is not enough. You need to present your bids professionally to every client. About 6 years ago I started writing paperless bids and doing bids using Google Earth and Zillow. You can read my "Writing Paperless Bids" article HERE. Now is a great time to understand this process as COVID-19 has changed so much of the way we do business. If you want to win bids or simply win more bids then the you need to have a personalized BID PACKAGE.

    Hand writing or giving office store carbon copy estimates will never win the potential bids a personalized bid package that incorporate your brand and the customers name into it will. My bid package of a single bed room is approximately 17 pages long. My bid package is what sells my company after I have left the clients house or got off the phone gathering the necessary information. What can you possibly put in a bid package for one bedroom you may ask?

    Read my entire article on this topic Read More

    Is masking a sin?  Why painters mask.

    Is Masking A Sin?

    I recently had the amazing opportunity to teach airless spraying at the Williamson College of the Trades in Pennsylvania which was an incredible experience. This Trade School is teaching young men to work in the Trades including painting. The School is giving our inner city youth an eduction at no cost.

    The Williamson College of the Trades is building future leaders in the painting Trades which is very exciting. While teaching there I was setting up for a class on airless spraying and had a masker and tape in my hand. I was approached by one of the students who was the class leader, and he inquired about the tape I had in my hand. I had a roll of FrogTape and a roll of ShurTape CP-199.

    Before I could tell him what I was going to do with the tape he told me “using tape is sacrilegious around here.” I was stuck for words for a moment then said let me put on a demonstration for you and the class. To here my story of what happens next continue reading below.

    Painters Care by The Idaho Painter

    Painters Care Program Launch

    Follow us on our journey with Painters Care. We have just launched this new idea and we want you to be part of it. #PaintersCare  Stay tuned for our shirts and stickers where all proceeds are going to charity.

    Hope to see all painters jump aboard. First step is we are partnering with The Paint Line to provide masks at no cost to emergency workers and masks at cost to painters who need them. Yes we have got them now thanks to Paint Line.

    See us LIVE for details. or visit www.thepaintline.com for details. Tell them The Idaho Painter sent you. 

    Rolling Walls Like a Pro

    How To Roll A Wall Like A Pro!

    You always want to start from one corner and finish at another corner. Starting in the middle of a wall can lead to a lap mark showing up on the wall when the paint is dry. While rolling your walls it is extremely important that you keep loading your roller with paint and keep the walls saturated.

    During my years of teaching new apprentices to paint, the most common mistake is not loading the roller enough. One of the effects of not loading the roller enough is what we call dry napping. What happens is your roller is unloaded of paint and begins to make a louder hissing sound instead of a sloppy wet paint sound.

    This sound indicator is notifying you that your roller is no longer unloading its paint but picking paint up off the wall you have already laid out. The roller wants to stay wet with paint so it will remove paint if it becomes too dry. You can read my entire article with the link below.