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    Tips From The Idaho Painter

    Mixing hot mud with the Mud Mix Ball

    The Mud Ball

    The Mud'n More Mix Ball. If you have ever tried to mix mud before, you know that it can be a super frustrating process. You spend too much valuable time struggling to get all of those chunks of powder out and achieve that desired smooth consistency. All while racing the wheel of time to do so before the mud starts to set. If you could find a tool to help you in making this process more efficient, wouldn’t you want to give it a shot? 

    Well, we stumbled upon a product that we are absolutely smitten by, and might make all of your wildest dreams come true… at least your mud mixing dreams, that is. 

    This handy little guy is a silicone ball with a paddle that attaches to your standard drill. It comes with two measuring cups. One for the mud mix, and one for the water. Just add 3 scoops of 5 Minute Mud, one scoop of water, and mix to your hearts content. Before you know it you will have the perfect, silky mud with ZERO chunks. 

    Cleanup is just as easy. Because of its silicone lined inside, you can literally just let the mud dry inside the ball. Give it a little squeeze and it will all crumble out. Followed by a quick rinse, and it’ll be good as new. 

    This is one product that everyone needs stocked up in their rig. It saves us an immeasurable amount of time AND gives you a better consistency of mud. What more could you want? Plus, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can use this handy little set up for Saturday morning pancakes… just don’t tell the spouse. 

    To learn more or to purchase the Mud’n More Mix Ball, CLICK HERE

    5 cabinet painting hacks with The Idaho Painter

    5 Cabinet Painting HACKS!

    Hack number one is using the PSDR.  Over the years we have developed what we consider to be the top of the line, most innovative way to paint cabinets efficiently. We have tried many different systems and we find that the spray rack systems gives us the best finish and completes the job at a quicker rate. Specifically, we use the ProDrying Rack by Paint Line. This system allows you to spray your doors vertically, from hangers, and hang them up to dry. What is so great about this is that you can spray both sides at once AND multiple coats in one day.  No more worrying about giving doors enough time to cure before flipping them over and spraying the other side. We also use Renner 851 water based industrial coatings. This makes the cabinets dry quickly, and also creates a hard surface for longer lasting, more durable cabinet repaints. With this technique of using Renner and the spray racks, we have been able to paint a large kitchen in about a day and a half. Saves time, which makes me more money.  The PSDR is now available in our Paint Life Store.

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    How to paint cabinets like a pro!

    Improve Your Cabinet Refinishing

    More and more homeowners are deciding to have their kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities refinished or painted instead of completely replacing them. Or, they may like their existing cabinets and simply want to change the color or finish. The good news for painting contractors is that either reason means that there are more jobs to bid on and win. 

    While this is great news for painting contractors, it can also be challenging to figure out how you can competitively quote these jobs while increasing your profitability. Highly variable elements in the cabinet painting and refinishing process include the tools and techniques you use, especially in the painting and drying process. It’s in precisely this area of your “painting process” that you can greatly improve job profits.

    If you can make a few tweaks to your process, you will find that you can save lots of time and increase profitability.

    If your current process consists of painting only one side of your cabinet parts at a time in a horizontal position [cabinet doors and drawer fronts are lying flat on sawhorses or something else], then there is ample opportunity to improve your process and increase profits on cabinet painting and refinishing jobs.

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    5 Interior painting hacks with The Idaho Painter

    5 Interior Painting Hacks

    When people think of hiring a painter, what kind of project are they most likely to do so for? Exteriors, and those specialty projects that need a professional touch, right? The truth is that a lot of homeowners don’t think painting is that hard of a job, and often will try to tackle interior projects on their own to “save money”. This is just one reason why it is so important to produce a product far beyond what they expect. To show them that there is skill required in providing a high quality paint job, and that it can be done quickly and with ease. This will prove that there is great value in hiring you again. That is what this booklet is going to provide. 5 interior painting hacks to make your customers keep coming back for more.

    1. Painting Straight Lines with FrogTape and Caulking

    To begin, let’s talk cut ins. I know there are a lot of painters out there who refuse to use tape. I get it. There is a time and place for it. And every painter should be well versed in not only how to cut in with just a brush, but how to do so well and efficiently. That being said, why not utilize tape where  it makes the job go by quicker, and gives you a sharper line? Because let’s face it, you cannot beat the kind of straight line that a little tape can achieve. The technique, specifically, that I am referring to is painting straight lines with FrogTape and caulking. Practice what I am about to tell you, and soon enough you will be able to do this in the same amount of time that it would take you using just a brush. And I guarantee it’ll be a superior product, as well.

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    What is the Tip Saver for airless spray tips?

    The Tip Saver

    For decades, painters have been cleaning and storing airless spray gun components in many different ways. The process has always been messy and time consuming – sorting, finding the right part among others, hoping it will be clean and ready for use when located. Tipsaver, is an innovative and easy-to-use tool that relieves the frustration with sprayer tips and reduces the loss of time spent caring for your money-making equipment.

    Along with increased efficiency, you’ll be protecting your investment in tips, guards and filters by keeping your components organized and clean while you’re out working and making money.

    The Tipsaver holds 13 tips, two housing guards and four gun filters. Storing favorite tips on the top plate and less frequently used tips on the bottom plate will help inform when to replace your sprayer accessories. Equipment housed in this organized way will also allow tracking of each component’s time life. With Tipsaver, you could realize an approximate saving of 25% by extending the useful life of your equipment. 

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    The Art of Cutting In with The Idaho Painter

    The Art of Cutting In

    The art of cutting in ceiling lines is a skill that takes years to master but with a little guidance you will master this in a shorter period of time. Now you might ask if you truly can cut in like a pro, and I am here to tell you can. Time and repetition is the key to mastering cut ins and I have a few tricks to share with you.

    There is no short cut to mastering this skill however, ones speed and accuracy can increase if these few pro tips that I am going to share are applied. It is similar to an NFL quarterback who went to training camps when he was a child and was coached along the way to the pros. Those tips and tricks gathered, aided in the process of the journey to the top. With that I am going to share my experience of cutting in and what helped  me achieve excellent quality, speed, and results.

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