The Art of Cutting In with The Idaho Painter

The Art of Cutting In

The art of cutting in ceiling lines is a skill that takes years to master but with a little guidance you will master this in a shorter period of time. Now you might ask if you truly can cut in like a pro, and I am here to tell you can. Time and repetition is the key to mastering cut ins and I have a few tricks to share with you.

There is no short cut to mastering this skill however, ones speed and accuracy can increase if these few pro tips that I am going to share are applied. It is similar to an NFL quarterback who went to training camps when he was a child and was coached along the way to the pros. Those tips and tricks gathered, aided in the process of the journey to the top. With that I am going to share my experience of cutting in and what helped  me achieve excellent quality, speed, and results.

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