How to paint a stairwell

Painting A Stairwell

Stairwell Painting Tips and Tools: If you’ve done a decent amount of painting you have more then likely come to a point where you have to paint a tight space like a stairwell, and it can some times be a real pain in the rear. And if you are new to painting maybe stairwells are intimidating you from making it your next project, but it’s not as hard as it may seem I promise. Today I am going to be giving you some tips and tools that make painting in tight tall spaces a lot easier and hopefully save you some headaches a long the way.

The first tip that I have for you takes place before the actual painting process even starts and that’s picking the paint you want to use for the stairwell. When you are working in these kinds of spaces sometimes it can be challenging to properly layout your paint on the wall and get the proper finish you want. I would suggest using a lighter color high quality paint in these kinds of spaces as they are less likely to show any flashing. Darker and low quality paints are less forgiving when it comes to not getting a proper layout making flashing more likely to occur.

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