Must See PaintLine Tools

Must See PaintLine Tools

Everyone should surely know by now that I’m a big fan of painting cabinets and creating amazing looking finishes for customers. Expanding my painting business to include that type of job proved to be extremely profitable, but of course, after a lot of trial and error, and time wasted when I wasn’t using the best tools out there. Painting cabinets can be a real pain in the neck if you have to spray one side, set it somewhere safe to dry, then wait to spray the other side. 

Eventually, I began to create a vertical hanging system using PVC pipe and wooden hangers from the hardware store. The risk with this was the piping was flimsy - hang a heavy door or thick cabinet door on there, and the whole structure would bend and shake as you began to use an HVLP sprayer to apply the paint. At one point, we tried to improve upon the system by using galvanized metal, but this was even harder and more cumbersome to put together, plus we were always losing the pieces. 

The wooden hangers we would use had the benefit of being able to rotate so that we were able to spray all sides of the cabinet door vertically, but unfortunately, they were not designed to take on a ton of weight and would shatter, break, and the cabinet doors would fall to the floor. So, even though we were saving time by spraying cabinets and doors vertically, we weren’t doing it safely, or even with the assurance that the whole thing was going to fall apart and ruin the customer’s cabinets. 

Luckily, Kyle over at The Paintline was noticing the content that I was putting out about this cabinet spraying system, and decided to improve on it. Now, The Paintline has an extremely successful business selling cabinet and door spraying and drying systems. The PSDR - ProDryingRackSD - looks extremely professional and will give the customer confidence in your abilities as a painter. When they’re relaxed, you’re relaxed! 

The system comes with nine six feet poles, one spray tube, six bases, joints and hardware to build the spraying and drying stands, fifty standard hangers, one spray holder, one spinner, three carry bags, and one hundred sets of cup hooks. Throw your PVC pipes and flimsy wooden hangers out the door and pick up the PSDR! You can easily set up this system - it’s a simple pin and hole assembly with no tools needed, but you’ll never say that this doesn’t feel sturdy. The hangers are solid steel and are not easily bendable. And even though they don’t rotate, this is actually better for storage purposes! You can fit up to fifty doors on the eighteen feet of drying line that this system has.

The PSDR has one section that the spinner attaches to, and then a 3-fold vertical hanging rack - like mentioned above - you’ve got eighteen feet of storage space. Arrange the system in any desired way to save space. You can set up this system in the customer’s kitchen, in a garage, your shop - anywhere! With the PSDR, you’ll be able to do an average kitchen in a day and a half. Way faster than spraying cabinets down and waiting for each side to dry before doing the other. 

Standard cup hooks can be screwed into the cabinets, or you can buy the separate hinge hooks that, like the name suggests, attach where the hinges do, and hook over the metal hangers of the PSDR system. Or if you’re still worried about damaging the cabinets, you can always go with the trusty method of spraying them horizontally and use one of The Paintline’s many drying racks. But, I promise you, this process is going to go so much faster if you can spray your cabinet doors vertically! Cut your time in half and watch your profits double, while looking professional on the job site. 

This system comes in three nylon bags that allow for easy storage and assures that none of the pieces will get lost in the back of your van or truck. The PSDR is easy to transport around, and speaking of transport…one of The Paintline’s newest products is the PTRDR - the ProDryingRackTransport. This is an easy way to safely and conveniently transport cabinet doors. If there’s any reason you need to take your projects offsite back to your shop, then this is what you’ve got to use. 

The PTRDR is made with a standard L-track cargo tie-down system, meaning that you are able to mount it to the interior of your vans, or attach it to the sold separately hand-truck to easily wheel cabinets around - either horizontally or vertically. This works with a variety of cabinet door sizes, but they should all be the same thickness, as there is a lock to keep the items in place. If there are items smaller than the thickest item, they could slip out. The only thing touching your cabinets will be Expanded Polyethylene (EFE) foam that is a smooth texture and won’t leave any imprints on the cabinets. And when you’re not using this transport, it folds flat for easy storage. 

For your cabinet and door spraying and drying systems and racks, you’ve got to check out The Paintline’s products - all of which are available at If you want to learn about some more of their products, check out this blog post and as always, look at our social media to see them in use on our job sites!

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