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Expert Stain & Seal

The Pre-Stain Machine


Pre-stain your wood with the Expert Staining Machine from Stain & Seal Experts! This two-man operating system allows you to pre-stain wood up to 4x12” - you can even stain your fence before installation.  I have used it as a two man operating machine but have tested it as a one man machine and  I was actually successful using it alone.  You are faster and more efficient using it wit a partner though.


This machine will roll and back brush all four sides - the lumber will get saturated way more in comparison to an airless sprayer application. You can be sure that each piece of wood will individually get stained to your standards. The Expert machine will saturate the wood far better then brushing, rolling, or spraying.  You simply get a full saturation.


Of of the big advantages it the board gets stained on both side and all four edges.  This is not possible once the fence is installed.  Using the Expert Stain Machine gives your customers a better final product that will protect the wood and last longer.


Another advantage is not over spray.  Many painters have concerns with over spray and avoid staining fences due to the inherent liability.  The machine does a superior job with no labially. 


If you pair this stain machine with Stain & Seal Experts' variety of options for stain, you’ll be getting a self-leveling, deep-penetrating, and non-drying oil that will protect your wood for years to come.  Couple with this stain you will not get finger prints on the wood due to the self leveling and non drying features.  It is the easiest oil based stain I have ever used.


Couple more features I love about this stain.  You can spray it right over the existing fence gate hardware and it will just wipe off.  The non drying feature means all you have to do hours later is just wipe it with a clean rag and its gone.  Same goes with over spray.  It will wipe off a day later.  Less mess less liability.


Since Expert Stain & Seal oil does not dry you do not have to worry about it ruining your expensive staining tools.  Simple clean up with Dawn dish soap today and later down the road. 



Features Of The Expert Stain Machine


  • Expert Pre-Stain Machine requires no motors or pumps
  • Notably, this machine allows excess stain recovery, which can be reused by placing it back into the hopper.
  • Has replaceable brushes and rollers
  • Is easy to clean up
  • Solid steal construction
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Easy adjustment to accommodate many sizes of wood
  • Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces
  • Ball valuable to start and stop stain capture



Why use Expert Stain & Seal?


Expert Stain & Seal Semi-Transparent Wood Stain & Sealers are perfect for Western Red Cedar, Treated Pine, Redwood and other wood species. Semi-Transparent stains are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood you apply it to while covering slight imperfections.


Created with a high amount of trans oxide pigments their Semi-Transparent stains will withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays, shed water, and withstand abuse while maintaining their color for years. Their formulas are created with non drying oils and conditioners that penetrate deep to nurture wood from the inside out. 


Their proprietary stain & seal formula creates a barrier that will protect your wood for years to come, preventing warpage, cracking and twisting. All while maintaining ultra low VOC levels, that means it is healthier for the environment and your family. (A high VOC stain can gas off carcinogens into your backyard for months, VOC’s are deadly when inhaled). That’s why EXPERT is the stain company of the future.

Expert Stain & Sealer is a high solids, deep penetrating stain formula. Backed by a two year manufacturers warranty. Their stains are easy to apply, non-filming, and never streak, run or leave lap marks. Trusted by thousands of homeowners and contractors alike.

Semi-Transparent colors are recommended for use on wood fences, pergolas, gazebos, siding, and outdoor vertical wood surfaces. It can be applied to new or aged wood, pressure treated wood, and any wood previously stained with a similar oil based product.



The Facts


Wood stains today are required to meet the environmental standard of lower volatile organic compounds. Linked to pollution, smog and respiratory problems, VOCs also cause headaches and dizziness.  Some may even be carcinogenic. Some of the nation’s top stains in the industry today just meet this environmental standard.


Many stains I have used in the past burn my eyes and skin with applying using an airless sprayer and why I was an advocate for water based products for years.  Expert Stain is low odor and pleasant to work with.



Peace Of Mind


Maintain your wood’s beauty and integrity with ultra-low VOC oil-based stains from Expert. Stain professionals’ and homeowners’ real peace-of-mind comes from knowing that exterior wood projects, and their immediate and global environments are safeguarded against higher off gas levels, keeping them beautifully protected during and after application, for up to three years. 

Expert Stain & Seal is made by experts for experts, and the homeowners who demand and expect real results. 



Who Is Expert Stain & Seal?


Caleb & Ashley Roth founded Stain & Seal Experts in 2012 as a small family-owned and operated Nashville based fence and deck staining company. Today, they not only run Nashville’s oldest, most trusted staining and sealing company, but they manufacture and distribute oil-based stains, sealers, and wood-restoration chemicals.


Caleb and Ashley have become a nationwide brand that is making a positive impact on the industry. Stain & Seal are true experts in the fence, deck and house staining, wood restoration, and log home restoration trades.  Caleb is the founder of Stain & Seal University where you can gain important knowledge and the business side of staining and sealing as well as the preparation and application techniques.




Benefits Of Stain & Seals Contractor Portal:



They offer various benefits to registering your staining business with them: 


  • Stain & Seal University (In Person Yearly Convention)
  • Online Learning Resources: Videos and How-To from the Pros
  • Free Staining 101 PDF
  • Volume Based Discounts on Expert Stain & Seal
  • Discounted Sample Fan Decks and Sample Cans
  • Live Expert Support


Stop doing business with companies that don't value you as a customer. Expert Stain & Seal’s business relies on your business thriving, so they invest everything they can in ensuring you have the resources you need to be successful.


Become a Staining Expert with Stain & Seal Experts.


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