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    Tips From The Idaho Painter — Cabinet Painting Tips

    How to paint cabinets like a pro!

    Improve Your Cabinet Refinishing

    More and more homeowners are deciding to have their kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities refinished or painted instead of completely replacing them. Or, they may like their existing cabinets and simply want to change the color or finish. The good news for painting contractors is that either reason means that there are more jobs to bid on and win. 

    While this is great news for painting contractors, it can also be challenging to figure out how you can competitively quote these jobs while increasing your profitability. Highly variable elements in the cabinet painting and refinishing process include the tools and techniques you use, especially in the painting and drying process. It’s in precisely this area of your “painting process” that you can greatly improve job profits.

    If you can make a few tweaks to your process, you will find that you can save lots of time and increase profitability.

    If your current process consists of painting only one side of your cabinet parts at a time in a horizontal position [cabinet doors and drawer fronts are lying flat on sawhorses or something else], then there is ample opportunity to improve your process and increase profits on cabinet painting and refinishing jobs.

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