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    Mafia Memberships

    Membership ONLY OPEN Feb 7-9 2020

    Back when all of this started, Chris had the vision of having a place where we could answer every question that came our way. For a long time that is exactly what we did. But as this thing called Paint Life kept growing and growing it got to the point where multiple people were spending two, three, sometimes four hours every day just answering the questions that came up. It got to the point where it was an impossible task to try and keep up with the demand. Questions couldn’t be answered in a timely manner, and we couldn’t keep creating the kind of content we always dreamed of making.

    So we have decided to create the Paint Life Mafia.

    This is a way for us to put together a group of people who really desire to have access to the expertise and advice of the Paint Life Crew. This is the community of people that we will spend the most time, giving the most value, and they’ll receive the most attention.

    That doesn’t mean that we won’t still be out there creating content all over—it just means if you are looking for the next level of access and value—the Paint Life Mafia is the place to be.

    For more details on the Mafia and member benefits visit

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