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    Paint Life Academy

    Our Paint Life Academy dates, times, and registration has been put on hold due to COVID-19 concerns and regulations. Here is where you can also register to one of our many Paint Life Academy classes.  Select the Academy icon below to purchase a course or view details on an upcoming course.  Visit our website: for more course details. 


    Our Vision


    For years we’ve been creating videos on YouTube and content on various social media platforms that were aimed at helping to educate, empower, and equip fellow painters and craftspeople. In fact, we’ve put out over 1000 videos on YouTube alone!

    Over those years we’ve been asked many times to create live courses for people to come and learn directly from us, because videos can only communicate so much. In that time, we’ve also seen the rise of apprenticeships becoming a popular option for people to pursue during their post-secondary education.

    Our desire is to be just one part of many who are trying to bring respect and honor back to the trades–and painting specifically. We want to see painters be successful. We want to see painting businesses thrive and for the bar of quality expected in our trade to continue to rise.

    But we also want to see people be creative with how jobs are accomplished and to push the bar in developing new techniques and processes for making painting an amazing trade and career again! That’s why we’ve put the time and resources into developing the Paint Life Academy.

    Why We Do This


    We’ve got a history of making videos… lots of videos. In fact right now we have over 1000 videos available for free on our YouTube channel. We’ve created content that includes how to videos, product reviews, and vlogs that show our team and our process for getting jobs done.

    One of the things we’ve found is that there is a major need for hands on training in our craft. There is a massive shortage of people available to get jobs done with the quality expected of true craftspeople. So we want to be one part of filling that void. That’s why we’ve created our own system that will teach many of the things that we’ve already put out there for free, but with more hand-on coaching and development.


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